Entertainment Studios Networks Now On DirecTV & U-verse


AT&T today announced an agreement entered by its subsidiaries DirecTV and AT&T Services U-Verse with Entertainment Studios to carry the portfolio of Entertainment Studios’ seven 24/7, High Definition television networks.

Beginning today on DirecTV:

  • Comedy.TV – Channel 382
  • JusticeCentral.TV – Channel 383
  • AT&T Services U-verse:


AT&T Services U-verse:

  • JusticeCentral.TV – Channel 1166
  • Pets.TV – Channel 1279
  • Cars.TV – Channel 1280
  • Comedy.TV – Channel 1281
  • ES.TV – Channel 1282
  • Recipe.TV – Channel 1283
  • MyDestination.TV – Channel 1284


Visit es.tv/entertainment-studios-networks-now-on-directv-and-u-verse for more information.

Justice Central Now Available on Verizon FiOS


Entertainment Studios has officially reached an agreement with Verizon FiOS for distribution of JusticeCentral.TV, our 24-hour court television network.

Effective today, Verizon FiOS customers will be able to access our dedicated legal and news cable television network on Channel 186. Customers will get full access to the thousands of hours of the Entertainment Studios court programming library, including: “Justice with Judge Mablean,” and other court shows.

“JusticeCentral.TV represents a successful, and underserved genre,” said Terry Denson, Vice President of Content Strategy and Acquisition. “Our customers now have the perfect destination for a wide variety of the best court shows available to them around the clock from the largest producer of television court programming.”

Visit es.tv/justice-central-now-available-on-verizon-fios for more information.

AT&T U-Verse Makes JusticeCentral.TV Available Everywhere


AT&T U-Verse subscribers can now get “Justice With Judge Mablean” on any device – TV, computer, smartphone, and tablet. Simply by logging into the new U-Verse App®, subscribers can stream the JusticeCentral.TV lineup of hit court shows.

JusticeCentral.TV launched in 2012, and is available on AT&T U-verse TV channel 166 in SD and 1166 in HD to subscribers of the Ufamily and U200 and above packages.

Visit es.tv/att-u-verse-makes-justicecentral-tv-available-everywhere for more information.

“Justice with Judge Mablean” Gets Early Clearance


Entertainment Studios newest court television program, “Justice with Judge Mablean,” has officially received early national clearance and will premiere in the fall of 2014. It has been cleared with 75 percent of national group-owned television stations including: COX, Tribune, Media General, Nexstar, Sunbeam, Gray, Meredith, LIN, Gannett, Cordillera, Lockwood, Schurz, Scripps, Northwest Broadcasting, and Journal.

“Justice with Judge Mablean” is set to star Judge Mablean Ephriam, who formerly presided over the courtroom in “Divorce Court.” She will join Entertainment Studios’ three other court television shows “on JusticeCentral.TV.

Visit es.tv/justice-with-judge-mablean-gets-early-clearance for more information.

Judge Mablean Ephriam Set to Star in New Court Series


Entertainment Studios is launching our fifth court show and newest HD series: “Justice with Judge Mablean.” Judge Mablean Ephriam is returning to the courtroom after presiding over “Divorce Court” for seven seasons.

“I am very excited to be back with ‘Justice with Judge Mablean’ and I’m thrilled to be working with Byron Allen,” said Judge Mablean Ephriam. “Byron’s strong commitment to his television programs and cable networks is unparalleled in this industry, and I am one hundred percent committed to delivering another first class television court show along with him.”

“Justice with Judge Mablean” joins Entertainment Studios’ three other court television programs on JusticeCentral.TV.

Visit es.tv/judge-mablean-ephriam-set-to-star-in-new-court-series/ for more information.


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