Life Lessons + Look Deep Before You Leap


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Life Lessons – Tools for Weekly Living: Judge Mablean’s Life Lessons: (Tools for Weekly Living) is a practical, self-help and improvement book. In it, Judge Mablean shares her wisdom, learned from experience and age, on topics that affect our daily lives, such as dating, marriage, parenting. There are 52 lessons or pearls of wisdom to learn. If you read and apply one of these lessons weekly, you will transform your life into one of dignity, balance, and develop a strong moral character.


Look Deep Before You Leap: Healthy relationships requires realistic evaluation. Whether you’re evaluating a relationship with a lover, a family member, a friendship or a professional connection, this book will increase your awareness of red flags. It will challenge you to face the flags you have chosen to ignore. In these pages are sixty scenarios culled from Judge Mablean’s decades of experience advising clients and families. She gives the reader the gift of her extensive training as a lawyer, mediator and television judge coupled with her personal life experiences.


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