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Dear Judge Mablean,

Can I counter sue an ex husband who didn't disclose that he was still married and had 9 kids and is suing me for child support when none of the kids are biologically mine?

-Looking For Justice
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Looking For Justice,

Yes, you may counter-sue your ex-husband. In most states, since your ex-husband did not disclose that he was married, your marriage is voidable. He is a bigamist. His failure to disclose his prior marriage may also be considered fraud. Furthermore, in most states, you are not legally responsible for child support since none of the nine children are biologically yours.LIFE LESSON: When a man has nine (9) kids, that should be a hint to you to check things out. Find out if he was ever married and demand to see a copy of the divorce judgment. If he was never married, that should be a warning to you to run. Remember, LOOK DEEP, BEFORE YOU LEAP.

-Judge Mablean

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