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Judge Mablean's New Book - Tools for Weekly Living “Life Lessons
Tools for Weekly Living”



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Dear Judge Mablean

Yes, I did receive your book on Wednesday, November 2. I read it and thoroughly enjoyed it and the many lessons you convey in it. I plan to have my 18 year old daughter, who will be going off to college next school year, read it.

Thank you for your call to check that I received my book. While I was not at home to get your message, my teenage daughters heard it and were thrilled by the fact that we got a call from Judge Mablean.

I am looking forward to your next book.

Thanks again for bringing excitement to the Mason household by your personal phone call.


-Carrolin Mason

"The wit and wisdom found in this timely and relevant book are a real reflection of the caring and no-nonsense character of Judge Ephraim.

Reading and implementing the principles she shares will bring emotional and relational freedom."

-Deborah Smith Pegues
Bestselling author of
"30 Days to Taming Your Tongue"

Hello Judge Mablean,

The book held my interest and attention. I just finished it this morning. It is so real. It is where the rubber meets the road. I am already recommending and encouraging my family, friends, and associates to purchase this book NOW. It is a MUST READ.

I will be giving it as GRADUATION GIFT, WEDDING GIFT OR BIRTHDAY GIFT instead of taking someone to dinner. Each Pastor should be referring this book to their members and I will encourage Dr. Brooks to use as a RESOURCE for his pre-marital clients and they can go on line and purchase themselves


Encouraging Women - One Woman At A Time

"I enjoyed the book by Judge Mablean. It was short but good."


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Judge Mablean

Dear Judge Mablean,

Can I counter sue an ex husband who didn't disclose that he was still married and had 9 kids and is suing me for child support when none of the kids are biologically mine?

-Looking for Justice

Dear Looking for Justice,

Yes, you may counter-sue your ex-husband.. . .
read more. . .

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